• Beadalon Flush Cutter

    Beadalon Flush Cutter

    This ultra high quality cutter is an excellent choice for making flush cuts in Beadalon beading wires, Artistic Wire, and other soft wires. Ergonom...

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  • Beadalon Nipper Tool

    Beadalon Nipper Tool

    Use this compact and economical Nipper Tool to get in close when cutting soft wire or thread.

  • 3.5in Fine Twisted Beading Needles (10 Pieces)

    3.5in Fine Twisted Beading Needles (10 Pieces)

    Qty: 10 3.5 inch / 8.89 cm   Large collapsible eye hole for easy threading  Great for projects using Freshwater Pearls

  • Ergo Round Nose Pliers

    Ergo Round Nose Pliers

    Round Nose Pliers are a staple in wire and jewelry craft. These high quality stainless steel ergonomically designed Designer Ergo Round Nose Pliers...

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  • Ergo Chain Nose Pliers

    Ergo Chain Nose Pliers

    Chain Nose Pliers are useful in many applications, and a quality tool is something you can appreciate. Use this stainless steel ergonomically desig...

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  • Beadalon Pocket EZ - Crimp Tool

    Beadalon Pocket EZ - Crimp Tool

    Full functionality in a pocket sized tool. The Beadalon EZ-Crimp Pliers are designed to fit exclusive Beadalon EZ-Crimp Ends and findings.

  • Beadalon Nylon Jaw Pliers

    Beadalon Nylon Jaw Pliers

    This tool is designed for shaping and sculpting Artistic Wire and other wire. Nylon jaws protect surface finish of wire or other materials. No need...

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  • Beadalon Econo Bead Reamer

    Beadalon Econo Bead Reamer

    An economical tool for enlarging holes in beads. The diamond grit on the tips is coarser and provides more aggressive cutting action. Use care with...

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